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November 17 2003 WIP

  • Renamed interpolated blitter to interpolated 2x, added interpolated 3x blitter. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added global solid color mapping table to improve performance in 8-bit drawing. [stainlessKnight]
  • Made all blitters work in any supported color depth. [stainlessKnight]
  • (Super) 2xSCL crash in high resolutions fix. [stainlessKnight]
  • Fixed blitter size check macro to accept any resolution. [stainlessKnight]
  • Replaced 'mix_half' with 'mix' to improve interpolated blitters quality. [stainlessKnight]
  • Separated blitters into individual header files. [stainlessKnight]
  • Overhauled dithering functions. [stainlessKnight]
  • Color corruption on switch from 16-bit to 8-bit fix. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added color indexing for all non-32-bit modes. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added CPU_TYPE and CPU_ARCH and improved some behavior. [stainlessKnight]
  • Updated dependancies. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added numbers to the items in Video > Blitter menu. [stainlessKnight]

November 16 2003 WIP

  • Unified individual blitter size checks using a macro. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added 32-bit support. [stainlessKnight]
  • Increased chat message buffer size from 4 to 10 lines. [stainlessKnight]
  • Input 'Start' and 'Select' buttons configuration reversed fix. [stainlessKnight]

July 22 2003 WIP

  • Broken exit dialog fix. [stainlessKnight]
  • Audio looping at exit dialog fix. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added ability to use `usleep' instead of `yield_timeslice' in speed throttling. [stainlessKnight]

July 05 2003 WIP

  • Changed binary installation location from '/usr/bin' to /'usr/local/bin' [stainlessKnight]
  • Home directory echo bug fix. [stainlessKnight]
  • Allegro compatibility fixes. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added exit confirmation when ROM loaded. [stainlessKnight]
  • Unix compile fix. [stainlessKnight]
  • Clean-up and typo corrections in changes. [stainlessKnight]

June 27 2003 WIP

  • Added platform-specific video driver selection menus. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added support for replays (currently buggy). [stainlessKnight]
  • Added 'DirectX Window' to Windows video driver menu. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added 'X Windows Full' and 'X/DGA Full' to Unix video driver menu. [stainlessKnight]

June 21 2003 WIP

  • Updated and added copyright messages. [stainlessKnight]
  • Updated key maps and `Shortcuts' dialog, also added slow mode. [stainlessKnight]
  • Replaced video overlay text with multiple message system and added input chat capabilities. [stainlessKnight]
  • Added input configuration dialog and fixed several input configuration bugs. [stainlessKnight]
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes. [stainlessKnight]
  • USE_CONSOLE changed to ALLEGRO_USE_CONSOLE to solve compilation problems on Mac OS X. [stainlessKnight]
  • Updated dependancies. [stainlessKnight]
  • General clean-up and syntax unification. [stainlessKnight]

May 22 2003 WIP

  • Corrected 80 kHz audio sampling speed to 80200 Hz instead of 80000 Hz.[stainlessKnight]
  • Fixed various bugs related to repeated initialization of the GUI.[stainlessKnight]

April 20 2003 WIP

  • Fixed trainer CRCs not being reset for ROMs without trainers. [TRAC]
  • Fixed a memory leak in video_set_palette() linked to CRC calculation problems. [TRAC]

April 17 2003 WIP

  • Reformatted license. [stainlessKnight]
  • Eliminated an obsolete, unused variable. [TRAC]

April 06 2003 WIP

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong memory area was assigned to receive ignored writes.

March 29 2003 WIP

  • Added GUI `Reverse Stereo' toggle for `papu_swap_channels'.
  • Added GUI audio mixing speed selection menu.
  • Added GUI messages (log file) viewer and read-only text box object.

March 28 2003 WIP

  • Updated Allegro DLL to 4.1.9 (ipher)
  • Replaced all references to `NULL' with `NIL' to avoid compiler conflicts.
  • Added GUI background logo image which uses GUI palette.
  • Added simple interpolated blitter.
  • Added 512x480 resolution for use in forced window mode.

March 23 2003 WIP

  • Made source so it will ungzip to a directory, and not spill out everywhere (ipher)
  • Added MMC5 WRAM size autodetection.

March 04 2003 WIP

  • Replaced all references to `NULL' with `NIL' to avoid compiler conflicts.
  • Corrected some dependencies.
  • Updated dependancies.

February 27 2003 WIP

  • Fixed a few serious bugs related to IRQ acknowledgement.

February 12 2003 WIP

  • Added GUI patch manager with Game Genie support only.
  • Machine state autosave PAL timing corrections.

February 01 2003 WIP

  • Added automatic machine state saving accurate up to every frame.
  • Updated Allegro DLL to 4.1.8 (ipher)

January 21 2003 WIP

  • Configuration file and log file are now stored with the executable.
  • Added Changelog file into the Win/DOS port (ipher)

January 06 2003 WIP

  • Added fast (passive) automatic blitter selection.
  • Added Super 2xSOE blitter, reduced blur effect of Super 2xSCL blitter.